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Cravings - It’s not “what your body needs”

So it is day 3 of your new diet. Things have been going well so far! You’ve stuck to your calories, gone to the gym twice already this week and you’re feeling positive.

Then 3pm comes around, and so do the biscuits.

Before you know it you’ve had three Hobnobs and, to be honest, could have another three . You feel demoralised, and wonder why you bothered trying to lose weight in the first place .

The things is that cravings often aren’t because its “what your body needs”; your body understands it will enjoy the biscuit and will likely experience immediate gratification , but this is very much a “quick fix”, and you’ll likely feel even worse after.

So why are you craving junk foods?

1. You are tired, you will crave high sugar options , because it will give you an almost immediate boost in energy, so biscuits and chocolate fit the bill perfectly here.

However this boost doesn’t last long, and before you know it your energy levels have dipped EVEN LOWER than they were before.. which will just make you crave the same thing to replicate that initial spike in energy. Improving sleep quality and length is of course a big step in the right direction here- so have a look at this blog when you have a minute!

2. You aren’t eating enough- This is very normal for those determined to shift those pounds, and want them all shifted NOW!

Unfortunately after the first few days or weeks of consuming the popular diet or product , your body is telling you it is ravenous , and in this instance it is right, FOOD , is what your body needs, but again it wants a quick fix, and, again, knows those biscuits or that bar of chocolate will give it a much needed boost in energy- to see how much for you should be eating ,, I have also done a blog on this subject, which will give you some guidance.

Chorizo Chicken and Pesto Traybake-My own recipe and available on this website

3. Time of the month-many ladies do of course struggle with this- and I will be going into this more detail at some point-but fatigue again is often a huge culprit here. We do actually need slightly more food in the run up to a period, but most will overestimate this need; for most women, two chocolate bars would account for one quarter of their caloric needs for the day, and for someone looking to lose weight, it would account for even more, so it is easy to see how that time of the month can cause such problems!

If you would like to know even more about identifying why YOU are getting cravings, and how to stop them , my nutrition coaching program may be for you. Visit my services page for more information, or get in touch with me

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