• Katie Chaplin

Could your morning latte stop you losing weight?!

Autumn is here

Who doesn’t love grabbing a hot drink with a friend?

or grabbing that cup on the way into work?

Or that pick-me-up mid morning?

The issue here is it could be doing huge damage to your attempts to lose weight without you even realising.

Many drinks are deceptively high in sugar and fat, for example :

A Grande pumpkin spice latte from starbucks- 380 calories. That is pretty much the equivalent to a small meal

A grande hot chocolate at Café Nero will set you back over 500 calories ( this is the same as a Big Mac burger, to put this into perspective)

These are of course things often people don’t think twice about consuming, and often more than once a day. What is great here is that even by cutting this out and making a healthier choice, you could see almost instant reductions to your waist line . Some tips are below:

1. As a rule, it is best to skip lattes and frappucinos- these are often mainly milk, with the frapps having copious amounts of sugar, which is where the calories add up

2. Best choices are Americanos and flat whites- asking for semi skimmed and skimmed milk instead of full fat, or almond or soy milk would be excellent alternatives

3. Most coffee shops do sugar free syrups, which taste the same, and there are some excellent sugar free drops you can carry around in your bag that are super light, and includes flavours such as toffee, mint, white chocolate and mocha-link to buy is here

4. Only add as much milk as you need- the best way to do this is to ask for it on the side then add to taste, I guarantee youll end up with less milk, and less potential damage to your waistline this way

5. Ignore the pastries!! These are put by the till on purpose- marketers know that this is the place where you most likely to impulse buy. This is mainly due to the fact they are not only placed in your line of vision, but when you queue you are likely to start gaining interest in these out of boredom. Instead use this as a time to get on your phone so that you have a distraction

Overcoming the confusion on how to make the best choices in every day life is key to why my busy clients are able to lose the weight they haven't been able to shift for years, keep it off, and fit it in within their lifestyle. If you have been battling yo-yo diets, and are fed up and confused and want to change- I can help you! I offer 30 minute transformation sessions to all of my clients,simply fill in this form and we will get you booked in!


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