• Katie Chaplin

Could being vegetarian stop you from losing weight?

First of all there’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian; many have found they lose weight, because their fruit and veg consumption goes up, meaning they are fuller so eat less. And of course the mineral and vitamin benefits of such a diet means they look and feel great.

Where vegetarians often run into problems is when their carbohydrate consumption is far too high- while I never demonise carbs, and it is important to keep them in, in order to diet successfully, some are very easy to overconsume, and can also make cravings for junk foods worse, in particular, white pasta, bread and sweets.

A big problem for vegetarians is that they struggle to hit their protein needs . Protein is essential for fat loss for several reasons

1) It is very satiating- this means that you get fuller much quicker, which in turn not only means you eat less, but feel more satisfied- how many times have you had a meal on a diet and got to the end of it, resentful of the fact you could have had triple that portion?

2) It helps reduce cravings- by helping to keep blood sugar levels steady, you are not going to have the energy and mood slumps that have you reaching for the biscuits come 3pm!

3) It helps retain muscle- this means when you do lose weight, you will be losing fat, rather than muscle.

Below are FOUR quick tips to help you lose that fat and feel amazing (and so you can confidently ignore any meat-eating doubters out there!)

1) Make sure you are having adequate protein from

· Eggs

· Fish ( if consuming)

· Beans, peas and lentils

· Meat replacements such as tofu, tempeh and seitan

2) Ensure each meal has a portion the size of your hand in karate chop position or the size of your fist

3) Make sure you are having a lot of variety- without going into too much detail, many vegetarian sources don’t have sufficient amounts of certain proteins, so we need to combine and keep the variety up to make sure your needs are met.

4) Keep carbohydrates in , but stick to sources like wholegrain and basmati rice, brown/wholemeal pasta and breads, oats and sweet potatoes.

Is your diet confusing you?

Is the weight staying on no matter what you do?

Are you sick of the yo-yo diets that leave you miserable and piling ALL the weight back on a few months later?

Then lets have a chat- I offer free transformation sessions to all my readers- please hit the link here and I will be in touch!


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