• Katie Chaplin

Client Testimonial- Jo

My self-confidence was extremely low

I was meant to be living the dream in Australia but a big part of me felt really held back because I felt so insecure

I was going around in circles trying to lose weight. Over the years I have tried so many stupid fad diets, I would cut out carbs, I was aiming for 800-1000 calories a day & then getting so upset when I didn’t see results

I was following every different Instagram post - in the end I just had no idea what I should have been eating. I was also tired of comparing my eating habits with my friends

The first thing I learnt when starting with Katie was how much I actually binged & why.

She was also very good at reinforcing the reason why I started- that really helped in the weeks when I didn’t feel as focused/motivated.

One of my main goals was to fit into a pair of shorts I wore to a festival in 2017


I feel so much more confident in myself!

My energy levels are better than I can ever remember.. Even when I exercise it doesn’t seem to be as hard. I sleep better & everything.

What would I say to anyone thinking of working with Katie?

DO IT!! DO IT !! DO IT!!

I wish I met her 8 years ago when I reached that age that every girl does & become obsessed with losing weight or doing all the diets you see on Instagram or diets your friends are on.

For the first time in the last 8 years I don’t feel like I have to starve myself or exercise 10,000 times a week to see results.

This is not a fad diet- it’s a lifestyle change! I would never skip a meal or go hungry again & I hate to think what I put my body through over the years.

There are so many diet plan/programs you see posted on Instagram by people that don’t know anything about your life or situation- Katie listens & takes time to understand & work with your lifestyle/struggles/history

Katie is a normal woman who understands the frustrations that every woman has gone through with weightloss journeys.

Sadly Jo’s struggles are very common-if you are ready to put an end to it- I am here- offering complimentary transformation sessions – I only ask that you are serious about changing. Send me a message , or hit this link to apply