• Katie Chaplin

Client Testimonial- Aime

“For most of my adult life I have been trying to lose weight, nothing ever worked long term. "

"It became clear to me I had no idea what I was doing and I really needed someone’s help. "

"After years of failure I was sceptical but after my first 2 weeks this scepticism was to be proved wrong. "

"Katie doesn’t just give you weekly meals plans, she makes them flexible and bases them on the meals you ate prior which In turn makes them easier to fit into a busy life. "

"With her guidance there is a difference in the way I see food, i understand what my body needs rather than wants. "

"I also know that it’s ok to eat the wrong stuff every now and again. Through her coaching she’s given me the confidence to make the right decisions so in my opinion she’s worth every penny (and probably a little more) “

i could not be prouder of Aime; I gave her the tools she needed to get the body she wanted, however she has also been an absolute dream to work with- she really wanted to change and she did the work. Well done Aime!!

If you resonate with anything Aime has said above and want to and are ready to change, I can get you started, for free, on one of my 30 minute transformation calls- there are zero obligations attached. These focus on mindset and habit change, and if you are interested in becoming a private client, like Aime, we can discuss this during the call. Simply hit this link today, fill in the short form, and we will book you in.


P.S. She says sorry for the grumpy face- She is genuinely buzzing about her weight loss honestly J but 7am photoshoots on a Tuesday are not the one!!


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