• Katie Chaplin

Can you eat out and lose weight

You want to enjoy your meal with your friends

But want to stay on track

Those “Fuck it” moments creep in

You’re desperate to find that middle ground

You feel that mild panic rising

You go one of two ways

You let the “ fuck it” take over , eating the “ naughty” foods you love but “can’t” have- after all, when is the next time you’ll be able to have them?

Or you sit there with your boring meal, resentful of those around you for their delicious options, but mostly, resentful of yourself for having to be on a diet

Photo cred: HIIT Kitchen

Can you eat out and have a bit of what you fancy?

How can you eat out without that sense of confusion and overwhelm?

So I’ll start with a few practical tips

Look at menus beforehand- like anything, if you have a plan in place, you’re FAR more likely to achieve your desired outcome. Make a decision beforehand, and not only will you be more in control of your decisions, but you can also focus on having a great time with the people you are with, rather than having it spoilt by worrying and wondering if the meal you want is going to fit in with your diet.

Make sure you have had enough to eat in the day – fatigue and hunger decrease willpower and increase cravings for junk foods. So going somewhere with tempting foods is only going to make things SO MUCH HARDER. Ensure the other meals that day centre around a portion of protein ( e.g. meat, fish, meat replacement products) and loads of veggies.

Is your diet too restrictive? Are the good intentions and bursts of motivation you have, actually coming back to bite you come that Wednesday meal out with your friends, or when you feel frustrated and tired by Friday? Is this why you feel like a caged monkey let loose around the foods you “can’t have”?

If you want to diet flexibly, enjoy that social life, and feel confident in your choices- I will give you the tactics need to do this . My next FREE workshop will be held once more at HIIT Kitchen , St Albans this June.The date will be officially released next week- be warned that every workshop held here has completely SOLD OUT ( we even added extra tickets last time owing to the high demand) so If you are interested in attending, send me a message today


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