• Katie Chaplin

Buy the body you want

If I could buy a pill online , tonight, that would get you to your dream weight, but it cost, say, £1,000.00- would you buy it?

It’s likely you would jump at the chance

If you could hire someone – be it a business coach , PT, Nutrition coach, tutor- that could get you to where you want to be, again at a cost of £1,000.00, would you do it?

Probably not

It comes down to our belief in ourselves- the pill is doing the work, it’s guaranteed.

Most serial dieters don’t trust themselves, they are almost waiting for it to go wrong- because it always has before.

But if both methods cost £1,000.00 and got the same result, at what point do we focus on this?

Currently you are likely doing nothing to help yourself- you may think you are, by having that gym membership, by trying slimming world, keto ,cutting out sugar or buying those Herbalife shakes or slimming teas. But you are just following the same pattern ,time and time again. Lose some weight, get fed up or slip up, then stop.

At what point do we stop the fad diets, and find a diet, NO a lifestyle change, which will actually work for us?

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