• Katie Chaplin


It’s the diet product of the moment

Promising ‘ Clinically proven weight loss’ , banishing ‘naughty cravings’ ALL IN A WEEK !

The cost? 7 days for £30.00

You are being ripped off

And this is why:

Lets say you are successful on this, complete your week and have lost a few pounds; What happens after that? I the sad fact of the matter is youll go back to eating normally straight after and put the weight straight back on- overall the only pounds you’ll be losing are the hard earned notes.

I will briefly overview how the product works

Its main ingredient is fibre- fibre fills you up which means you eat less. it also slows digestion so that you are fuller, longer- fibre is a tool I use for my clients- but in a much easier , CHEAPER way.. eating fruit veg, wholegrains etc- not only do you get the other benefits of this, but they taste nice! People argue fruit and veg is expensive, but its certainly not £30.00 per week for one person, with the results lasting far longer than a single week, and with far more weight lost!

An extra feature it seems very proud of is the fact it offers vitamins and minerals that boost ‘energy and metabolism, reduce tiredness and fatigue, AND rejuvenate skin and hair. Indeed vitamins and minerals will do these things- AND will be completely and utterly covered by a well balanced diet- 5 portions of fruit and veg, plenty of variation, whole grains, fat and protein!

If you want to lose weight , THAT STAYS OFF, learn about food and how to spot a fad a mile off and stop wasting time and money come and have a chat with me- I offer 30 minute no-obligation, FREE transformation sessions- just hit this link


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