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Birthday Cake Yoghurt

Birthday cake yoghurt ( in one step!)

One of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off ? NOT RESENTING THE FOODS WE ARE EATING!

It may sound simple, but if we enjoy the foods we are eating, we are less likely to deviate from them

And when it comes to snacks, I completely get that not everyone can stomach eggs or cold chicken mid-afternoon!

And why do people recommend eggs or cold chicken for dieting anyway?

Largely because they are a low-calorie source of protein.

And why are protein-based snacks a helpful tool in losing weight?

The effects protein has on the body help keep your energy steady, and hunger and cravings at bay- which we all know can be tough on a diet..

..particularly when that mid-afternoon slump hits, and all we want is biscuits/chocolate/all the carbs!

Protein is also highly satiating- its extremely filling and if something is more satisfying, it will help you diet successfully

But as I said above, not everyone wants chicken and eggs as a snack, no matter how much your PT says it will help you.

So here is a protein-rich, SWEET snack for those that need that mid -afternoon pick me up .

It can also be chucked in a Tupperware or even a small protein shaker if you’re at work

And, it makes your protein bar go further- I know how expensive they can be!

Simply add half a Grenade ‘Birthday Cake’ Bar to 150g of Arla ‘Skyr ‘ Yoghurt (I had the honey flavoured one). That’s it.

214 kcals

24g protein

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