• Katie Chaplin


What IS your goal?

Does it REALLY mean something to you?

Or is it something you feel you “ should “ want?

Or what others want from you, or are suggesting you do?

For me, I wanted to feel happy with what I saw in the mirror- feel good enough and not pick my reflection apart every day

A good starting point, sure, but when I saw myself falling off track, it wasn’t enough to keep me on course

I needed to get specific- I wanted to be able to wear fitted dresses without worrying about how my stomach looked in the mirror, or even more or a concern for me at the time, on social media; I didn’t that sick pang of dread when someone tagged me in a photo on facebook. I picked the style, colour, where I wanted to wear and when by

Pick something important to you , no matter how 'silly' you might find it ( I promise it wont be) and run with it, write it down, in vivid detail, what you want to wear etc. it may sound a bit woo-woo but I do it with every single one of my clients and it works- they visualise the goal every time theyre tempted and it stops them


It might be the one you picked doesnt resonate with you strongly enough


The desire to be where you want to be MUST outweigh the desire for the junk food, unfortunately, most of the time, it is as simple as that


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