• Katie Chaplin

Are you self sabotaging?

It’s unlikely you realise you’re doing it

But if you have the reins too tight on your life, are bored or being too restrictive, you are going to subconsciously create drama and unpredictability.

For many this is in the form of food or alcohol 

How many times have you eaten next to nothing all week, or forgone that meal with your friends through fear it might ruin your dieting efforts? 

Only to go nuts at the weekend, having a calorie laden meal, a bottle or two of wine , a kebab on the way home..

.. only to feel like utter shit the next day

“Well I’ve ruined it now, might as well eat what I like today, the diet will start again Monday”

Make sure you are doing things you enjoy, spending time with people that make you happy and support you, that you aren’t restricting yourself so much that you can’t have a life, that you aren’t following a diet you resent ..

..and by that I mean that you’re having foods you enjoy and the odd glass of wine if you fancy it 😊

It is my passion to ensure that women follow a lifestyle PLAN rather than a restrictive diet, to lead them to the body they’ve wanted for years but didn’t think they could achieve, whilst living life to the fullest and loving the food they’re eating.


If this sounds like something you want to have in your life, my free 5 Day Female Fat Loss Challenge starts on Monday October 29th. There aren’t many places left now, so reserve your space by sending me a message HERE and simply put '5 DAY CHALLENGE' in the ' what can we do to help you' field 😊


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