• Katie Chaplin

Alcohol made me do it!

How many times have you been on a night out , and proceeded to inhale a kebab on the way home, or a Dominos the day after? Or said you would go for that Sunday morning workout, but after that bottle on wine on Saturday night, it just won’t happen?

Unfortunately this is pretty common! Alcohol massively impacts:

· Your will power- so your ability to say no to that junk food you’ve been successfully avoiding all week, is now well and truly shot!

· Hunger signals- so your body is going to think it is hungry even if it isn’t

· Increases your desire for high fat and high carbohydrate foods- hence the kebab, the

Dominos, or feeling surgically attached to a can of Pringles.

Below are some tips and the best choices to make when going out for a drink. For those that want to hear more, I am giving away a short guide that I give my clients-this will only be available until Saturday, so if you want a copy contact me here!

· Try to stick to 1-2 drinks, and a maximum of 1-2 times per week.

· Its not just the night out that can scupper your goals-as mentioned above, decision making can be impacted the day after too! ..

..So, make sure you have ready prepped meals for the next day- and no junk food in the house!

· Track your drinks. Its also a useful tool for making you realise how many calories these drinks do contain, as an education and realisation for you.

· Have a water or diet soft drink for every alcoholic drink- this will help with hydration, and also mean you are consuming fewer calories- killing two birds with one stone!

Best Choices

· Vodka (single) -Good mixers to have with this include-Soda and lime, Diet coke, Diet Ginger beer

· Champagne and Prosecco

· Southern comfort (single) and diet lemonade

· Gin (single) and slimline tonic

· Bacardi (single) and diet coke

· Small (125ml) glass of wine- depending on the type, these will vary between 75 and 120 calories

· Pre-mixed cans- for example, the Pimms and diet lemonade can is 91 calories , and the Greenall’s Ready Mixed Cocktail which start from 125 calories per can

Any questions, as always, let me know!

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