• Katie Chaplin

8 Week Transformation- Georgie

In the words of Georgie herself “ One stone and 2lbs lost in 8 weeks, no gym and no hunger!”…..

Huge well done Georgie-whilst, as she said herself, she didn’t need to make huge sacrifices, BUT she put the work in, listened, learned and remained positive even on the days or weeks things didn’t go her way- the latter is key and often the hardest part of a weight loss transformation.

She accepted and worked on her weak areas ( organisation and poorer choices on Friday nights and the weekends) and just look at the results!!!

She had wanted to work with me for a long time, and when we started, the goal was to feel amazing at a family wedding, and then her own! And guess what, she did.

There is no magic formula- I am sure she has had many people ask “what’s your secret?!” – the honest truth is , there isn't one. you just need to be ready and willing to listen and put the work in

If you are ready to stop sitting there waiting for the magic formula, or are sick of dieting and not getting the results ( or piling it all back on weeks later!) then get in contact. If you are still making your mind up – that’s cool too and let me help you. I have a few transformation sessions left for this month- these are completely free and are designed to get your mindset in the right place to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF. If you want to hear more about what I do at the end of the session, and we both think we are the right fit for each other, than we can, of course, go through that too- but I MUST stress this session is all about YOU and what YOU want ! If that all sounds good to you, send me a message today, or click this link to apply.


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