• Katie Chaplin

6 Week Transformation- A Testimonial

“Having spent most of my life on a diet with little success in terms of sustainability, and, over the years having tried everything with different degrees of success. I really wanted to find a solution to my ongoing yo-yo dieting”

“Having spoken to Katie and realising this was a mindset change and not another quick fix, I was more than willing to give this a go. I had run out of options.!”

“My goal was to find a solution to the yo-yo dieting that was easy, accessible and that worked. I wanted to get fitter, wear different style clothes, rather than cover ups, feel more confidant in myself and fall in love with food again.”

“Well - results were beyond expectations! “

“A weight loss off 18 1/2lb in the first 6 weeks and 11 1/2 inches from my chest and waist!”

“ A whole new outlook on food and realisation that this is sustainable and isn't a system that requires you to go without. It's all about changing your mindset, recognising the triggers and eating foods that reduce previous cravings, give you energy and allow you to eat out! “

“What would I say to anyone thinking of working with Katie ?Embrace it - this isn't another gimmick - it's real, working with someone who is able to draw on her own experiences and relate to what you are going through, giving you realistic and achievable solutions and genuinely celebrates your achievements! “

“Huge well done to the amazing woman above, who is continuing to smash it and losing even more weight- I am so proud of you!”


If you are looking to finally stop your yo-yo dieting , improve your relationship with food, and achieve weight that STAYS OFF, look no further. To find out more, and get a FREE 30 minute transformation session, focusing on your mindset and what needs to be done to propel you forwards into success, send me a message, or to apply for a session directly, hit this link


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