• Katie Chaplin

5 Tips to fight the flab this Christmas

It’s the 31st December , and you feel rubbish in the dress you bought for new years.

It’s the 2nd of January and your jeans are feeling tighter.

The scales have confirmed the above- 5lb heavier , and you weren’t happy with what you saw in the mirror even BEFORE this recent gain.

This isn’t the start you wanted to the new year, and you start looking for the latest crash diet to get rid of it.

What if you could stop this happening?

So the main two areas we see weight gain in December:

1) The Christmas parties

2) The period between Christmas and new year

I will cover the latter in a later blog, but for now lets focus on the one that is approaching rapidly. Below are 5 steps to ensure you keep control , and are still able to fit into your new years eve dress.

1)EAT -beforehand! If you are going to a party where they aren’t serving dinner, but they are serving snacks ( or there is a McDonalds between the venue and home!) make sure you eat before. As you will likely be consuming calories in the form of alcohol, reduce your carbohydrate intake (rice,pasta, bread etc) to a cupped handful, have a decent serving of protein ( the size of your hand in karate chop position or the size of your fist) and lots of veggies. This will help fill you up so you aren’t tempted by the snacks- which is important as alcohol impacts decision making so negatively!

2) If there is a sit down meal involved- use the portion control tips above- Christmas roast dinners can actually be an excellent choice as you can have loads of veg, and a good portion of protein, so eat this first and you’ll find you will likely be full and not need the Yorkshire puddings or roast potatoes! Make sure you decide what you are having ahead of time- less distractions will mean better choices- and order starter or dessert, not both! And ask the waiter to take away the bread roll in front of you , otherwise you will end up eating it!

3)Food the day after- this is often where people run into trouble, rather than the calories consumed in alcohol. You have fatigue and alcohol to battle- the former reduces will power, and increases cravings for junk foods, whilst the latter will often make you more impulsive, and dampens your taste buds, meaning you tend to want to eat more to feel satisfied. Ensure there is no junk food in the house, and all your meals are prepped for the next day- make it easier for yourself!

4)Drink choices- The best choices to make are spirits with diet mixers and prosecco/champagne. Give the wine, beer and cocktails a miss

5) Keep exercise consistent- if the party is a long night and the gym the next day isn’t an option- then be realistic- ensure you are getting your sessions in earlier in the week , then the day after the ‘morning after’ commit to going with a friend; if you are eating and drinking a bit more and doing less exercise, this is where you are going to run into problems

Strategising for holidays, meals out and other challenging events ensuring my clients are able to lose weight, but still enjoy themselves- in order for weight loss to be sustainable, it needs to be a good fit with your lifestyle! If you want to be able to strike this balance, and lose weight that stays off, my 30 minute transformation sessions are completely free with no obligations attached- just fill in this form and we will get you booked in!


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