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5 Steps to Beating the Christmas Bulge

Trying to do your jeans up after a couple of weeks of over indulging

Stepping on the scales on the 2nd January

New year new me

The clock hits midnight, 1st January and you know you are going into the new year the heaviest you have been

What if you didn’t have to go through any of the above??

Keep reading!


I DO NOT hold back on Christmas Day- and I love it and never regret it

The difference is that I go back to normal eating on boxing day- I know a lot of you now will be saying “Well I have to go round for another Christmas dinner round my nans on boxing day” – have smaller meals around, cutting portions of rice and pasta by at least half and follow the portion control tips below.


Not only are people eating more at Christmas, the exercise STOPS- go into a gym between mid- and the 31st of December and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Keep some sort of routine- there really is no excuse especially since the majority of people will be working considerably less in this period. There are plenty of quick 15-30 minute HIIT classes in the gym. Get your steps in by going for walks with loved ones (or on your own if everyone is driving you mad!).

Chuck and avoid


Mindlessly eating Quality Street in front of the TV is a sure fire way of entering the new year 5lbs heavier whilst being left wondering what happened “ I swear I didn’t eat that much!” you will say!

WALK AWAY from the buffet tables or areas where the snacks are- research has shown that if sweets are placed within reach of someone, they ate over double the amount, versus when they were placed just SIX feet away.

Portion control

Restaurant portions are bigger, and its likely they will be at your aunts too, resulting in you eating an awful lot more than you usually would.

The easiest way round this is portion control.

Ensure you have a portion of protein on your plate (meat, eggs, fish, meat replacement products) the size of your fist or hand in karate chop position.

Control fat and carb intake- 3 portions in any combination, with the fat portion being the size of your thumb, and your carbs the size of a cupped handful.

Order an extra side of veggies or undressed salad- this, alongside the protein will fill you up and ensure you don’t overindulge.

Alcohol choices

This just involves basic swaps- swap cocktails, wine beer and the baileys for prosecco/champagne and spirits with diet mixers.

Helping people enjoy the special occasions in life, whilst limiting the damage in a realistic way is something I feel truly passionate about , so let me help you- I offer free transformation sessions, so fill in this form and I will book you in!


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